Wild Creative Journey – Give away!!! *CLOSED*

Affiliate Individual Image- MarielleHello my loves!

I have some exciting news for you! I am teaching on Wild Creative Journey hosted by the wonderful Shai Bearden. Yay!!!

In this brand new, 8 week online art course we will be exploring various methods of creating and what it does for us, inside and out. We will discover the healing aspects of creativity and how it can help us to stay sane in this often hectic and chaotic world. We will celebrate our journeys and lives, both the good days and the bad ones.

I have started preparing my class and I plan on working with gratitude and inspiration. Gratitude, not for the big themes in life like love and health, but for the smaller things: a sunny day, a new dress, a nice cup of soy cappuccino. We will take our time to notice and document those little gems and use them as inspiration for a page in our art journal. And YES! I will teach you how to draw a cute girl! In a few simple steps and with a template and cheat sheet!

Now maybe my style is not your thing at all… But with over 20 teachers contributing, there is something to be learnt for every one! Here is some sample work by the teachers and you can find their names and bios right here.

WCJ Example Work.png

Wild Creative Journey starts on May 20th and continues for 8 weeks with a one-week break in the middle. It will be packed full of art tutorials, live chats and bonuses. If this sounds good, you can join now, with lifetime access. (Payment plans are available!)

But wait… I have more news: I can give away not one but two spots on this wonderful course!!! And I would love to give those spots to people that could really benefit from joining. So for a chance to win, please share this post on social media using the share buttons below and leave me a comment why this course is perfect for you. I would love to hear from you!

I will pick and announce the winners next Thursday, May 16!

Hope to see you in class!!!



I have picked two winners: Bonita Balster Hendriks and Shawna Barnes. I will send you an email soon!

See you in class


11 thoughts on “Wild Creative Journey – Give away!!! *CLOSED*

  1. Hey Mariëlle! Thank you for this beautiful opportunity! It truly sounds amazing to discover the healing aspects of creativity and how it can help us to stay sane. I can definetly benefit from this, looking at my current life situation ♡ So winning a spot in this course would mean a lot to me ♡ I’ve shared your message on my Fbookpage.

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  2. Dear Marielle. I have been creative all my life but could never ever draw or paint a face or human figure…. Then in January I discovered Awesome Art School and through Karen I discovered your work… It is amazing… I aspire to create art a fraction of yours. It is amazing… I look at every video I can find and read every article I find on your work… It’s amazing… You are truly a great artist and your work is a gift to us. I would benifit greatly from your teachings to discovery my own unique style. Thanks a million.

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  3. I shared on Twitter. Five months ago my daughter moved 8 hours away. I’ve been looking for something to help me not be so sad. This looks like fun! Thank You for the opportunity.

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  4. Shared. I would love to join to learn how to leave my head and live and create more from the heart. Learn to let go. I love several of these teachers so having them in one place is awesome.

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  5. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a space. I LOVE your art and ANY art for that matter. Art is my life at the moment. Being unemployed comes with a whole lot of stress factors so I try to do as much art as possible to keep my mind positive. Who knows… Maybe someone I will also be able to teach my own classes. I’ll be crossing fingers and toes and sending much love from South Africa. Xxx

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  6. What an amazing opportunity!

    I am a disabled artist and arts accessibility educator. I am a sculptor by passion and am always looking to learn new things to add to my toolbox for teaching my art as therapy classes. This would be a fantastic opportunity for me to learn new skills to help me pay it forward .

    Thank you for the chance.


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  7. Hey Mariëlle! Thank you for this opportunity, there is so much I could learn taking this class would also allow me to use the skills I learn in this group to enable me to teach other to take a moment to help with their disabilities/depression and to reach out and use their art as a means of helping them cope.

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  8. This is such a wonderful opportunity. At this moment I would like to focus on learning as much art techniques as possible. The Graphic Design industry has gone to pot in my country so I find myself with a lot more time to do art. Maybe someday I will be able to start my own online courses as well. Crossing fingers and toes. xxx

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  9. Hi – I have always enjoyed doing different types of art and craft – I did some of the summit late last year and bring a beginner they turned out ok – but I so enjoyed doing them that I decided to join lifebook this year / I so loved doing your lesson It made me forget my pain – I feel free and so enjoy creating every night – I then dream happy

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