New video! Honey’s slim pickins challenge

When I came across Ali Brown’s Honey’s Slim Pickins Challenge on YouTube, I knew I wanted to give that a try. It’s a limited supplies challenge for journalers and – as you may know – I really like getting creative using only limited supplies and colours.
So I asked my husband to pick me five supplies and I knew he would choose well. He sees me draw and paint almost every single evening so he kinda knows what I need and like. This is what he picked:
  • A Faber Castell Albrecht Dürer watercolour pencil in Delft Blue for sketching and shading;
  • A Tim Holtz Distress Marker in Mermaid Lagoon for both outlining and colouring;
  • Two Ecoline Brush Pens by Talens in Magenta and Ochre Deep (I ♥ them!!!)
  • A white Posca paint pen for highlights
I filmed the whole process and the video is now up on my YouTube channel:
 I hope you like it and please feel free to ask me any questions!

One thought on “New video! Honey’s slim pickins challenge

  1. Hi beautiful 😊 what an incredible journey you’ve been on this year… and such a cool full circle moment for you😊 believe it or not Luna Lovegood is also my favorite character…. I wish for everyone to have a Luna Lovegood in their lives❤


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