New video! Honey’s slim pickins challenge

When I came across Ali Brown’s Honey’s Slim Pickins Challenge on YouTube, I knew I wanted to give that a try. It’s a limited supplies challenge for journalers and – as you may know – I really like getting creative using only limited supplies and colours.
So I asked my husband to pick me five supplies and I knew he would choose well. He sees me draw and paint almost every single evening so he kinda knows what I need and like. This is what he picked:
  • A Faber Castell Albrecht Dürer watercolour pencil in Delft Blue for sketching and shading;
  • A Tim Holtz Distress Marker in Mermaid Lagoon for both outlining and colouring;
  • Two Ecoline Brush Pens by Talens in Magenta and Ochre Deep (I ♥ them!!!)
  • A white Posca paint pen for highlights
I filmed the whole process and the video is now up on my YouTube channel:
 I hope you like it and please feel free to ask me any questions!

4 thoughts on “New video! Honey’s slim pickins challenge

  1. Hi beautiful 😊 what an incredible journey you’ve been on this year… and such a cool full circle moment for you😊 believe it or not Luna Lovegood is also my favorite character…. I wish for everyone to have a Luna Lovegood in their lives❤


  2. I sure sooooo Love this challenge and how you presented it. Lately I hate it when I have to run every Minute to pick another color, or brush or paper or…..and I love how your Ecoline Brush Marker came out. My fear, even on Aquarell paper are the hard remaining lines. But your flowers look amazing. Thank you for showing. Hugs from Germany

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    1. Thank you so much Jasmin! So glad you liked it! And if you are worried about the lines markers might leave – I know I am! – you might want to try a very smooth paper like Canson Moulin du Roy Grain Satin. I have found that you have a lot of blending time on that one.


      1. Oh thank you very much for the paper tipp. I have so many different aquarel paper and each on reacts different. Some are good for water brushes but when you dive in with the brushpens like Ecoline or Tombows direct on the paper they’re not completly blendable.


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